Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Microsoft Surface table has been re-branded 'PixelSense.'

The Microsoft Surface table has been re-branded 'PixelSense.'
I thought Microsoft's new tablet was being added to the Microsoft Surface "line" of devices, from a branding perspective. But apparently, the tablet is "stealing" the brand. The original Microsoft Surface table is reportedly being re-branded as the "PixelSense."If this is true, it feels like a mistake to me, possibly driven by internal silo psychology more than consumer branding.

The old Surface group inside Microsoft and the new Surface group are clearly two very different groups. But consumers don't care about that.I mean, the idea of Microsoft's tablet as a small, personal, consumer and portable version of their Surface table is very appealing, conceptually. They're both multi-touch devices.I think this is a mistake.
~Mike Elgan

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