Thursday, 14 June 2012

General Knowledge For Competition Exams, Agricuture

General Knowledge For Competition Exams

  • Which element plays an important role in nitrogen metabolism ? -Molybdenum
  • Apis florea, apis dorsata and apis cerana are the species of - Honeybee
  • For how many years is sheep able to breed ? - 10 years
  • The major fungi that affects food grains in storage is -Mucor
  • Topography, soil age and parent material are the natural factors which affects -Soil fertility
  • The leaching loss of Nitrogen is more in the form of -Nitrate
  • Which is the perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass) ? -Pusa Giant Napier
  • Sharadmani is the suitable -Rabi maize variety
  • Green Ear, Ergot, Rust are the diseases associated with -Bajra
  • Which disease occurs when more sorghum is consumed ? -Pellagra
  •  The fungus which is used in Alcohol industry is : -yeast
  • Pomology is a study of: -Fruits
  • The father of White Revolution in India is : -Vargheese Kurein
  • The rank India holds in fish production is : -Third
  • TRIFED stands for : -Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited
  • National Horticulture Mission was started on : -5 May 2005
  • Oil seeds, sugar Crops, Fiber Crops, Narcotic Crops and Beverage Crops are : -Commercial Crops
  • TG-38B, SG-99, GG-8, GG-16 and Vasundhra (Dh-101) are the crop varieties which belong to : -Groundnut
  • Who said "Everything else can wait but not agriculture" : - Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • National Research Cent re for Plant Biotechnology is located in : -New Delhi
  • National Fisheries Development Board was set up on : -September 9, 2006

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